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Indian Confederation for Healthcare Accreditation
Quality Control Programme in Clinical Chemistry
The programme has been running regularly since 1978. A committee headed by Dr. A. S. Kanagasabapathy from Christian Medical College, Vellore with the help and cooperation of his College started this programme. This is a voluntary participation scheme and all laboratories are encouraged to participate at a nominal charge. The organizers send one vial of Q.C. sample by post every month to all participants who are coded to disguise their identity. The participating laboratories analyze the parameters indicated in the accompanying report from and report back their result to Vellore within a stipulated time. All result sent by laboratories are statistically analyzed and the laboratories are given their score, the designated values along with the acceptable range of values of each analyte. In this programme only 13 common analytes are included. Now after extensive trials, Lyophilized Q. C. Material is being distributed. This has increased the number of parameter tested to 22. Presently, Dr. R. Selvakumar, Head of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, C. M. C. Hospital , Vellore is in-charge of this programme.

Those desirous of joining this programme may get all relevant details from the website : http://home.cmcvellore.ac.in/clinqc/
The IFCC Executive Board has implemented an Exchange Programme for young investigators in the profession. This programme will give financial support for visits of young scientists to top laboratories in the field in order to increase high-level education worldwide. It is the intention of the programme that either new technologies or research programmes are transferred from the host laboratory to the applicant laboratory and/ or collaboration between these two institutions is established.

Any one who wants to enter into this programme should write to the Technical Secretariat of IFCC or visit IFCC Website (http://www.ifcc.org)