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Name of the Degree

The name of the degree shall be Membership of Indian Board of Clinical Biochemistry (MIBCB).

The Indian Board of Clinical Biochemistry (IBCB) is constituted under the provisions and directions of the Association of Clinical Biochemists of India (ACBI)

The degree will be given under the seal of the Association of Clinical Biochemists of India (ACBI). The course is empanelled by Quality Council of India.

In UK, professional bodies are giving the degrees of higher education, such as MRCP, FRC Path etc. Similarly, the ACBI is starting a professional course in Clinical Biochemistry.

In course of time, if needed ACBI should try to get the course affiliated with any national universities of India or abroad, or with an international professional body.
Need for the course

Although there are lots of Universities and Colleges in India, imparting MSc degrees in Biochemistry, a specialized course in Clinical Biochemistry is still lacking. There are few courses run by selected medical colleges, giving MD degree for MBBS graduates and MSc degree of Medical Biochemistry for Science graduates. However, seats for this course are very limited. A course on Clinical Biochemistry is not available anywhere in India.

Those who pass the examination will be able to man and supervise the activities of the clinical laboratories. At the moment, the availability of seats to various MSc / MD courses in the universities is limited, and that too the speciality of clinical biochemistry is not emphasized. The number of positions available in the clinical laboratories in the country far exceeds the availability of suitably qualified persons.