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At a meeting of Clinical Biochemists (called FOUNDER MEMBERS) from various parts of the country on January 18, 1975, resolution was passed to establish Association of Clinical Biochemists of India. A two days conference followed in which Executive Committee members were elected and Professor Awadhesh Saran was installed as its First President. Since then Annual conferences have been held in various centers of the country. The notable milestones of achievements are:–

1. At the behest of the Association, the Medical Council of India recommended separation of Biochemistry Subject and the Department of Biochemistry from those of Physiology. Separate paper of Biochemistry was introduced at the 1st M.B.B.S. examination from 1977.

2. In 1978 it was resolved to start Quality Control programme to bring about improvement in laboratory services and a committee was constituted under Chairmanship of Dr. A.S. Kanagasabapathy. Dr. Kanagasabathy started the programme in 1978 from his department at C.M.C. Hospital, Vellore. Since then he has been sending Q.C. samples every month and gives a feed back to the participating laboratories. He started with only a dozen participating laboratories and today more than 1200 laboratories are participating in this programme. Dr. Kanagasabapathy received great help from his colleague, Dr. S. Swaminathan. This programme has brought about remarkable improvement in performance of laboratories. The cooperation given by C.M.C. authorities is highly appreciable. After Dr. Kanagasabapathy retired, Dr. S. Selvakumar of the same Department is continuing the programme.

3. The Association started publishing News Bulletin containing Association news twice annually since 1980 and quarterly from 1998.

4. The Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry, an official scientific publication, started coming out from 1990 under the Editorship of Dr. T.N. Pattabiraman. He gave a sound foundation for the Journal. Since then the Journal is serving as medium to publish work of our members as well as of others also. It is published four times in a year (January, April, July and October).

5. Members felt the need for accreditation of clinical laboratories in order to provide quality result to patient's investigations and an Accreditation Committee was formed under the convenorship of Dr. U. Satyanarayana in 1994 to frame rules and guidelines for voluntary accreditation. The committee did an excellent job in formulating the process of accreditation and decided to approach other sister laboratory departments to join hands. At this stage Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and its National Accreditation Board took up this work for all disciplines and adopted the guidelines prepared by ACBI.

6. The Asian-Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemistry (APFCB) was founded in 1979 at a meeting of some National societies of Asia Pacific region including ACBI held in Singapore. India became a founder member of the Federation. The 9th APFCB Congress was held in Delhi in March 2002.

7. India was invited to join IFCC (International Federation of Clinical Chemistry) in 1988 and after fulfilling the required criteria ACBI joined the IFCC in 1990. Since then our members have taken keen interest in the activities of the IFCC and APFCB.

8. ACBI has instituted several awards in order to encourage research in the field of clinical biochemistry

(i) Pitabus - Jamuna Burma Memorial Award was instituted by Dr. D.P. Burma in 1982 to encourage young biochemists to present their research work.
(ii) Dr. C. Sita Devi Award was instituted in 1985 to encourage young scientists to presenting orally their good work during conference,
(iii) K.P. Sinha - P.S. Krishnan Award was instituted in 1990 to encourage biochemists to publish their research work in Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry,
(iv) P.S. Murthy Awards for best paper presented during a Conference in the field of (a) diabetes and (b) drug development from plant sources were started in 1994.
(v) Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences Awards for best poster presentation on (a) any clinical biochemistry topic and (b) cancer topic were instituted in 1994.
(vi) Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Award for best paper presentation at a conference in the field of Tropical Diseases was instituted in the year 1995.
(vii) A.C.B.I. Travel Fellowship for attending ACBI annual conference for young scientists.

9. In order to honour eminent scientists, the Association has instituted 5 Oration Awards

(i) Awadhesh Saran Memorial Oration Award which was started in the year 1977,
(ii) Seth G.S. Medical College & KEM Hospital Oration Award since 1992, and
(iii) K.L. Gupta Memorial Oration Awards since 1993.
(iv) Dr. T. N. Pattabiraman Oration Award since 2004
(v) Mrs. & Dr G. P. Talwar Oration Award